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Book an Appointment for Yourself!

Susan's Soul Healing Rea​dings with Tree

Susan is your guide for balance, grounding and support 

as you tune in with The Tree 

to find the answers and insights to nourish You!

NOW is the time for each of us to empower ourselves 

on our divine path in this lifetime! 

Single 60-minute session or series available

Love Your Body

Spend time with Susan learning how to love your body. 

With gentle, calming nourishment, let me guide your love back to your vessel. 

Learn how you move, how you are constructed, 

and how to see your body as the absolute miracle it is!

Private and group sessions


Applaud yourself for wanting to ascend to your greater Self!

Embrace and be supported on your journey of self-discovery, health, and living a conscious life!

For years I have assisted men and women by listening to them and guiding with a gentle hand,

offering various modalities of healing.

I have studied and received nurturing and wisdom from many paths and people, places and things.

As wise emotional beings of mind, body, and soul, a multi-faceted approach lends to deep and full integration

for a well-lived life, our life, uniquely ours.

Here's an Opportunity to Have it ALL!

Place and Keep Yourself # 1 on YOUR LIST!

You will receive:

* 3 Massage Therapy/Energy Healing sessions.

Each hour included guidance from Source. Sound Healing is included if that is your choice!

* 3 One-on-One Yoga/Meditation/Sound Healing classes.

The focus for each hour is being comfortable in your body, going slowly, and using breath, for personal self-care.

* 3 Communications by phone.

What a wonderful opportunity to share, receive attention, and ask questions at your convenience! If desired, a portion of the call can be used as a guided meditation and/or sound healing!

* 3 Susan's Singing Bowls Meditations for support in community.

All in-person sessions are in Massapequa Park, to be used within a year from purchase.

Appointments are made individually.

Total investment paid in full is $1,000.

As always, I am honored and delighted 

to be in sacred space with you,

sharing in your evolution.

We all benefit! The world has more light!


"My experience with Susan has been expansive. She is a grounded individual with a gift to hold us in our experience. With her intuitive singing bowls we are moved to a place of bliss, also promoting overall well-being and supporting our own inner awareness. It is within this sacred container that we are given the healing that we need to receive. I am so grateful for the growth that I have received through Susan's loving support. I feel grateful for her deep presence and creative offerings that impact so many people's hearts."

-Danielle Rose

Goddess (Susan) I want you to know when I was sick last week I happened upon your sound healing...the vibration felt so grounding to my troubled body at the brought me so much peace and healing I played the recording several times...I would drift off into to most powerful restorative sleep sometimes... I’m feeling so much better now...I’m so happy to see you here and am so grateful for the gift you shared with me...thank you!  --Gina S.

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