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Susan’s Multi-Dimensional Sound Bath

Vibrational Healing Meditation


"Meeting you and feeling such joy that your sanctuary was [located] just 30 minutes from me brought me such happiness. Your circle brought me peace and sounds my ears have never heard. I returned a few times and brought friends who also were touched by the healing of all those magical beings in the room. My intuition was heightened simply by joining your circle. 💜 Thank you so much." -- Susan C.

"Susan Gelbman is a treasure within our community. Her singing bowls healing sessions are pure magic. She intuitively plays the music of the spheres all the while creating space for you to heal on a deep vibrational level. She also attends to each person by playing and attuning their energy one on one within their space in the group. It is truly fascinating. I can't wait for my private session!" -- Margaret M. 

"...Through your intuitive and inspired approach you facilitated a shamanic journey where your music lifted the veil between the earthbound and ethereal realms resulting in an expansion of consciousness. This is not easily done and reveals your connection to that ethereal realm. Bravo, thank you!" --Vince G, licensed massage therapist.

"Dear Susan, The guided meditation you conducted was most wonderful thank you so much, I can't say enough in appreciation. Love and light, Ruth"

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