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Circles and Gatherings​

Full Moon Celebrations

7-9 pm

 Massapequa Park or Create in Your Space!

These are the elements of the Full Moon evening:

Singing Bowls flowing into the Powow,

 flowing into the Drum Circle with group participation.

We begin with angel cards, guided relaxation/meditation,

 and tuning in for the multi-dimensional sound bath healing.

Chimes, flutes, tongue drum, etc... 

bring our energies into deeper dimensions.

We are all feeling the rhythms as I drum for the collective.

Then, we all join in as we are intuitively drawn 

to express ourselves with sacred drums, rattles, tambourines, etc. 

Please bring your own instruments if you like and we have plenty to share!

Dancing is always welcome!

As usual, feel free to relax and absorb the vibrations 

as suits you in the moment, the flow!

Tea and refreshments are served 

for those who enjoy staying and schmoozing.

What a divine Celebration of Life and Community!

Together we honor and give reverence to 

the universe that sustains us mind, body and soul.

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