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On-site Massage Therapy

Educate, care for, and pamper your staff with corporate massage therapy.

On site massage is known to increase productivity and morale.

 It also decreases doctor's appointments and sick days. 

Massage in the workplace reduces neck and head tension, eye strain, and postural discomfort.

For companies with warehouses and line work, I'm available for 

routine massage days to promote and maintain back and joint health.

Call on Susan to celebrate Fridays, a holiday, company anniversary, or other event!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Massage Session?

A massage is time for you. Soothing music and a heated table set the tone for physical and mental deep relaxation. Every person is unique and receives a massage that is tailored just for them. A variety of scented oils, singing crystal bowls and heated herbal packs may be incorporated into your session.

What if I don't know how to relax or I'm ticklish?

Relaxation can be learned. You'll see how quickly this will happen! Thanks to my many years of experience, ticklishness is minimized and often not experienced.

Can I receive a massage if I have arthritis, herniated discs, or varicose veins?

Yes. As a licensed massage therapist, I am trained to handle these situations, bringing much needed muscular relief, increased circulation and joint mobility.

Is there relief for migraines, sinus conditions, TMJ or headaches?

Most definitely! In fact, my clients have said they've felt relief for the first time from their sessions.

Is pre and post natal massage available?

Yes and yes! Expectant and new mothers deserve and benefit greatly from massage. Careful attention

is given to their concerns.

I've never had professional massage. How much clothing do I take off?

Massage can be given in the Swedish style with oil directly applied to the skin or while the client is fully clothed,

as in Shiatsu massage. It is your decision. In professional massage therapy, the client is always covered with

a towel or sheet. Comfort and modesty are of utmost importance.

Do you do out-calls?

I offer on-site chair and table massage and classes at your office, store, event, or home. 


"Susan has been my massage therapist for the past twenty years. She is a consummate professional, dedicated to her profession and constantly evolving. I have been so fortunate to have taken this journey with her. Her intuitive approach leads her hands directly to places you need her the most. I have no doubt in her healing powers and her ability to ensure you have a unique, powerful experience each time you are lucky enough to be on her table. Weekly sessions for twenty years ... my favorite time of the week." -- Elayne R.

"You are a miracle worker!" -- Karen F.

"The magic touch!" --Laurie N., client, massage connoisseur

"Thank you, Susan. You are a healer. Reiki and energy flow, heated massage table and you = guitar player ready to play tonight!" --Kathy P., client, musician

"Susan's Sanctuary of Divine Love and Healing is a restorative, spiritual experience. Susan listens to your needs and then provides a massage to meet those needs. She is non-judgmental and makes sure that you are most comfortable during the session. Along with regular massages, I have used Susan during specific health situations. She guided me through a mastectomy with gentle massage that relaxed and restored me. Through chemo, she provided a positive, calming session that helped get me through the journey. When I needed open heart surgery, Susan was again there to soothe and help me through the healing process with her spirituality and expert technique of healing massages. I am forever grateful for her knowledge and compassion. A session with Susan is exactly what a person needs to be restored body and soul. I highly recommend Susan to be your massage therapist." -- Susan M., client

 "Thanks again for the amazing massage! It was a great Mother's Day present." -- Allison K.

"I felt FABULOUS! after the massage. As I stated to you it was the best I've ever had and I meant that sincerely." --Sharon

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