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Upcoming Singing Bowls Gatherings, Classes, Drum Circles and more!

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Susan's Singing Bowls w/ Guided Meditation Vibrational Healing Sound Journey Relax, renew, rejuvenate on a yoga mat or chair while your mind, body and soul find peace and centering. I guide you into meditation and the magical, mystical, intuitive vibrations we play do the rest! Massapequa Park. RSVP for address! 


Monthly Goddess Circle

Wednesday August 12, 2020

7-9 PM

outdoors, firepit, music, conversation, connecting to Sisterhood!

RSVP 516-906-5880


Bring a snack to share if you like

An instruments.... and I have plenty to share!

A friend!

$10-20 contribution

Massapequa Park, NY


Book an Appointment for Yourself!

Susan's Soul Healing Readings w/ Tree

Be in touch with Mother Earth Energy Planet of Wisdom & Love!

I am your guide for balance, grounding and support as you tune in with The Tree to find the answers and insights to nourish You !

NOW is the time for each of us to empower ourselves on our divine path in this lifetime! 


Susan's Singing Bowls Multi-Dimenstional Sound Healing Meditation

Singing Bowls Gatherings are learning experiences as well as healing and meditation opportunites.

Sit or lie down and follow your journeyn to dimensions where elevation awaits!

I lead a guided relaxation with my intuitive playing of singing bowls.

What follows is your multi-dimensional journey of sound with flute, drum, chimes and many instruments of spiritual origin!

While you come out of the deep state of rest, once again I verbally guide the group through the chakrahs for grounding into present time and space. I share self healing energy techniques that may be used in your daily life.

We end the circle with reading our affirmations and an option to verbalize your sound healing meditation expereince.

                         NEW PACKAGE OF SERVICES!  "CLEAR VISION 2020"

Applaud yourself for wanting to ascend to your greater Self!

Embrace and and be supported on your journey of self-discovery, health and living a conscious life!

For years I have assisted men and women by listening to them and guiding with a gentle hand, offering various modalities of healing. 

During my life I have studied and received nurturing and wisdom from many paths and people, places and things! 

As wise emotional beings of mind, body and soul, a mult-faceted approach lends to deep and full integration for a well-lived life, our life, uniquely ours.

Here's a 2020 Opportunity to Have it ALL! 

Place and Keep Yourself # 1 on YOUR LIST!

You will receive:

3  Massage Therapy/Energy Healing sessions. Each hour included guidance from Source.Sound Healing is included if that is your choice!

3 Yoga/Meditation classes. The focus for each hour is being comfortable in your body, going slowly, and using breath,  for personal self-care.

3 Communications by phone. What a wonderful opportunity to share, receive attention, and ask questions at your convenience! If desired, a portion of the call can be used as a guided meditation and/or sound healing!

3 Susan's Singing Bowls Meditations in Massapequa Park! Follow my schedule and join in!

All sessions are in Massapequa Park, to be used within a year from purchase.

Appointments are made individually and your investment paid in full is $1,000. 

This year, as always,  I am honored and delighted to be in sacred space with you, sharing in your evolution. We all benefit! The world has more light!

Connect with me on FACEBOOK:

Susan Glaser Gelbman

Book a massage therapy appointment to further integrate your wisdom into your body and relax and renew!

My style of massage incorporates energy healing, optional sound healing and valuable tools using breath, visualization, stretching and more.

Each massage is unique to the individual receiving!

Namaste! The light in me honors the light within you!

Passionate about tuning people into their Inner Light, Susan offers individuals and the world community an array of wellness opportunities! 

Her music, “Susan’s Singing Bowls”,  “INFINITIES” and "Treeology" are available on CD (Amazon) or via iTunes, Spotify, etc… 

Great for meditation, massage therapy, healing, wellness and sleep enhancement!

FACEBOOK: Susan Glaser Gelbman.

Payment also accepted by Paypal


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Singing Crystal Bowls & Tibetan Bowls

My singing crystal and metal bowls bring spiritual healing energy. They can heal a room. Our bodies vibrate with the sounds of the universe. The Bowls have a positive affect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. The vibrations light up our energy and we are rejuvenated! I add drum, tingshaws, flute, bells and more to create a journey of relaxation!

SUSAN'S SINGING BOWLS CD is available for purchase and you may download it from iTunes, etc! Excellent for meditation, healing and sleeping! All ages!

Download my 2nd CD: INFINITES for a rich journey of sound!

Margaret M:

"Susan Gelbman is a treasure within our community. Her singing bowls healing sessions are pure magic. She intuitively plays the music of the spheres all the while creating space for you to heal on a deep vibrational level. She also attends to each person by playing and attuning their energy one on one within their space in the group.

It is truly fascinating. I can't wait for my private session!"

Vince G, licensed massage therapist:

"...Through your intuitive and inspired approach you facilitated a shamanic journey where your music lifted the veil between the earthbound and ethereal realms resulting in an expansion of consciousness. This is not easily done and reveals your

connectio to that ethereal realm. Bravo, thank you!"

About Massage:

Training, experience, knowledge and intuition are my recipe for exceptional therapeutic massage.

Every massage is custom designed just for you. You will feel totally at ease and will walk away feeling like you just had a long, relaxing vacation.

From client Karen F.

"You are a miracle worker!"

Laurie N., client, massage connoisseur

"The magic touch!"

Kathy P., client, musician.

"Thank you, Susan. You are a healer. Reiki and energy flow, heated massage table and you = guitar player ready to play tonight!"

About My Classes:

Healing Relaxation Classes are held at your workplace, organization, event or home gathering. Each session is tailored to your group's needs, incorporating singing bowls, meditation, yoga, self-massage and breathing techniques. Have fun while you learn how to unwind and find peace within. 

Locations where Susan has taught and taeches!

Queensborough Community College, Bayside

Veteran's Association, Northport, NY

Hot Yoga Massapequa

Long Island Center for Yoga

Ahava Hadassah, Wantagh

Brandywine Senior Living, Melville

Family & Children's Services, Hemsptead and Holbrook

Maple Pointe Senior Living, Rockville Centre

Massapequa Road Runners

Parkinson's Support Group, Plainview

National Association of Mother Centers

South Nassau Women's Health Center

Sunrise Senior Living, Plainview and Smithtown

Alzheimer's Support Group, Massapequa

RSVP 516-906-5880 or for location and more info!

Sharing peace and wellness is my mission.

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