Susan Gelbman LMT - Creative Energy Healer
Tips for a quick 5 minute tension release:
 1. Relax your arms and shoulders
 2. Slowly rotate your head and shoulder, first right to left then left         
     to right. Repeat a few times
 3. Close your eyes, take a slow deep breath, exhale and repeat.
 4. Concentrate on your breathing, let all outer thoughts flow through and
     leave with every breath exhaled.
How to calm a headache:
Place two tennis balls in a sock.
While you are lying on your back on a flat surface, put the sock at the base of your skull with your chin tucked down. Gently massage your temples as you slowly breathe in and out.
Learn to Meditate
Just follow these easy steps:
1 Pick a relaxing word.
2 Sit still and comfortably.
3 Close your eyes and relax
   your muscles.
4 Focus on your breathing,
   repeating your word silently   
   every time you exhale.
5 Continue for 10 - 20 minutes,
   you can open your eyes to
   check the time.
6 Your word is silently repeated
   while other thoughts are
   gently ignored, noticed without
   judgment or reaction.
7 When completed sit for one
   minute with eyes closed.
8 Do not worry about how well
   you did, just allow yourself
   to be relaxed.