Susan Gelbman LMT - Creative Energy Healer

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Frequently Asked Questions 
What can I expect from a Massage Session?
A massage is time for you.  Soothing music and a heated table
set the tone for physical and mental deep relaxation. Every 
person is unique and receives a massage that is tailored 
just for them. A variety of scented oils,  singing crystal bowls
and heated herbal packs may be incorporated into your session.
What if I don't know how to relax or I'm ticklish?
Relaxation can be learned. You'll see how quickly this will happen!
Thanks to my many years of experience, ticklishness is minimized and often not experienced.
Can I receive a massage if I have arthritis, herniated discs, or varicose veins?  
Yes. As a licensed massage therapist, I am trained to handle
these situations, bringing much needed muscular relief, increased 
circulation and joint mobility.
Is there relief for migraines, sinus conditions, TMJ or headaches?
Most definitely!  In fact, my clients have said they've felt
relief for the first time from their sessions.
Is pre and post natal massage available?
Yes and yes!  Expectant and new mothers deserve
and benefit greatly from massage.  Careful attention
is given to their concerns.
I've never had professional massage.
How much clothing do I take off?
Massage can be given in the Swedish style with oil directly 
applied to the skin or while the client is fully clothed, 
as in Shiatsu massage.  It is your decision.
In professional massage therapy, the client is always covered with
a towel or sheet. Comfort and modesty are of utmost importance. 
Do you do out-calls?
I offer on-site chair and table massage and classes at your office, store, event
or home. 
What form of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, check, Paypal and credit card.
More Questions?  
I am happy to talk with you, so feel free to contact me via
phone or email. 516-906-5880,