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Upcoming Singing Bowls Gatherings, Classes, Drum Circles and more!

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your active participation, encouragement and love!
Welcome and welcome back to Susan's Sanctuary where many of you have found community, self-acceptance and a higher vibration for life!
Perhaps you received a deep healing or profound peace and nourishment.Along with fun,adventure and laughter, these are what I enjoy in life, too!

If you're thinking of taking a class, I welcome you to join in, dive in to your self. The people are always welcoming, sharing love, insight and support for YOU!
Singing Bowls dates will be added in February. We had a wonderful Singing Bowls for Children, which will be offered again by request!
Love, light, gratitude,Susan

Looking for venues for large crowds to Free Minds, Heal Spines, and Align with the Divine! Michael OOhm Seven Coote thought of that line and  I'm sharing my soul's desire to connect with these transformative multi-dimensional vibrations with my singing bowls and many more instruments! The results people share afterwards are truly magnificent, deep, personal, meaningful, and are accessible to us all! It may happen your first time or after several sessions as you learn to receive these healing vibrations from the cosmos! I am passionate about waking people up to the light and love that we innately are! And I have a huge team of supporters in many dimensions, including earth,  that are friendly, fierce in their love, and totally fun to be with!
Susan's Sanctuary of Divine Love and Healing, LLC
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Monday, June 10   7:30-9 PM  (slight time change)  Singing Bowls Meditation for All
Massapequa Park RSVP for address!
Sit in a chair or lie on a yoga mat and receive a Sound Bath to soothe your mind, body and soul!
$20   Women, men and young adults are all welcome!
Wednesday, June 12   7-9 PM   Goddess Circle for Women
Meet new friends and connect with women because we have a lot more in common than we know!  Bring something near and dear to yourself to share (talk about) with the group! (optional, of course!)  No fee; bring a nosh if you like!
Massapequa Park RSVP for address!
Tuesday, June 18   7-8:30 PM   Twice Blissed!  Michelle Angel, The Gong Gypsy, Joins Us!
Singing Bows, gongs, halo handpan, flutes, kalimba, chimes, drums and more to bring you into many magical realms of health and healing for mind, body and soul! $20
Check on website for dates to be added!
Susan Gelbman, B.A. is a NYS licensed massage therapist.
Massage appointments are available for therapeutic value including mind/body healing and wellness.
Additional time may be added for Sound Healing as well.
She is a trained energy healer, massage therapy instructor at Queensborough Community College and a member of the NYS Society of Medical Massage Therapists.
Passionate about tuning people into their Inner Light, Susan offers individuals and the world community an array of wellness programs including meditation, self-care, yoga, and more.
Her music, “Susan’s Singing Bowls” and “INFINITIES”, is available on CD (Amazon) or via iTunes, Spotify, etc… Great for meditation, massage therapy and sleep enhancement!


In Massapequa Park: contact me for location, please.
All are welcome, women, men, teens, beginners! Simply sit or lie on a yoga mat and receive a beautiful sound bath to relax and renew your mind, body and energy! $18. 
                     RSVP for location: or 516-906-5880

                                                  Singing Crystal Bowls & Tibetan Bowls
My singing crystal and metal bowls bring spiritual healing energy. They can heal a room.  Our bodies  vibrate with the sounds of the universe. The Bowls have a positive affect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  The vibrations light up our energy and we are rejuvenated! I add drum, tingshaws, flute, bells and more to create a journey of relaxation!

SUSAN'S SINGING BOWLS CD is available for purchase and you may download it from iTunes, etc! Excellent for meditation, healing and sleeping! All ages!
Download my 2nd CD: INFINITES for a rich journey of sound!

Margaret M:

"Susan Gelbman is a treasure within our community.  Her singing bowls healing sessions are pure magic.  She intuitively plays the music of the spheres all the while creating space for you to heal on a deep vibrational level.  She also attends to each person by playing and attuning their energy one on one within their space in the group.  
It is truly fascinating.  I can't wait for my private session!"

Vince G, licensed massage therapist:

"...Through your intuitive and inspired approach you facilitated a shamanic journey where your music lifted the veil between the earthbound and ethereal realms resulting in an expansion of consciousness.  This is not easily done and reveals your 
connectio to that ethereal realm. Bravo, thank you!"

About Massage:
Training, experience, knowledge and intuition are my recipe for exceptional therapeutic massage.
Every massage is custom designed just for you. You will feel totally at ease and will walk away feeling like you just had a long, relaxing vacation.

From client Karen F.
"You are a miracle worker!"

Laurie N., client, massage connoisseur
"The magic touch!"

Kathy P., client, musician.
"Thank you, Susan. You are a healer. Reiki and energy flow, heated massage table and you = guitar player ready to play tonight!"

About My Classes:
Healing Relaxation Classes are held at your workplace, organization, event or home gathering.  Each session is tailored to your group's needs, incorporating singing bowls, meditation, yoga, self-massage and breathing techniques. Have fun while you  learn how to unwind and find peace within. 

Locations where Susan has taught:
Veteran's Association, Northport, NY
Ahava Hadassah, Wantagh
Brandywine Senior Living, Melville
Family & Children's Services, Hemsptead and Holbrook
Maple Pointe Senior Living, Rockville Centre
Massapequa Road Runners
Parkinson's Support Group, Plainview
National Association of Mother Centers
South Nassau Women's Health Center
Sunrise Senior Living, Plainview and Smithtown
                                                                  Alzheimer's Support Group, Massapequa

RSVP 516-906-5880 or for location and more info!
Sharing peace and wellness is my mission.